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Cash For Scrap Metal in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Understanding Cash for Scrap Metal

You’re finally done with your annual spring clean.

It feels very satisfying and therapeutic too.

But now, sitting right in front of you is a huge pile, an assortment of scrap metal bits, collected and stashed in the hope of being used some day. There’s an old faucet, a lone brass hinge, a stray roll of electrical copper wire, and some old, unused utensils.

The first thought that crosses your mind is to dispose it with the household trash. However, recycling is a more practical option.  

With cash for scrap metals, you can:

  • Get rid of the scrap: Overtime, we replace metal items around the house, whether it is electrical wiring or hardware. These items tend to collect and lie unused, occupying valuable space.
  • Preserve the environment: Not many are aware, that metals can be reused. As such, old scrap metal ends up at landfills, creating issues with garbage disposal. A lot of energy is utilised to either mine or produce these metals anew. Not only this, they exist in finite quantities, foreseeing a possible shortage for the future generations. Cash for scrap metals allows us to reuse metals delaying the need for new production.
  • Earn money for it: Finally, you can exchange scrap metals for cash. Metals such as copper, aluminium and brass are highly durable. They can be reused multiple times as they do not diminish in quality, and neither does their monetary value.

Cash for scrap metal dealers trade household items, industrial metal waste as well as metals brought in by electricians, plumbers, construction workers.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

When considering cash for scrap metals, it is important to understand that not all metals have the same value. There are ferrous metals – those that are magnetic in nature and not as valuable. These include iron and steel. You will earn more cash for non-ferrous scrap metals as they retain their quality. Brass, bronze, copper, aluminium and stainless steel are examples of non-ferrous metals.

A magnet helps distinguish ferrous from non-ferrous metals. If it sticks, its ferrous. If it does not, you are luckier and sure to get a higher price. Both kinds of metals are accepted as scrap.

Know Your Metals

Copper: This reddish-brown metal is widely used across households. It is in wiring, plumbing, electronics, coils and computers. It is the most profitable in the scrap market.

Aluminium: Aluminium has a silverish-white colour and is very pliable. It is the second most recycled metal; its price is also lower than that of copper. Aluminium can be found in frames, doors, siding, cans and utensils.

Brass: Brass is an alloy and its price as a scrap metal is based on the proportion of its constituents. It is commonly used in pipes, fixtures, plumbing and hardware. There is a good chance to earn money on scrap brass as it is a dense, heavy metal.

Stainless Steel: Not as valuable as the other cash for scrap metals, nonetheless scrap dealers do accept it. Beams, pipes, shelves and car components use stainless steel in their construction.

Thus, if you are simply looking to get rid of the waste from your home, or you are an enthusiastic scrapper looking to earn some extra cash, get in touch with us.

You are assured of the best value cash for scrap metals.

Cash For Scrap Metal - Sydney, NSW, Australia

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