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Welcome to Urban Copper Recycling! We are Sydney’s go to option for all scrap metal recycling. We have a comprehensive facility offering a full-range of services in a single location to your advantage. We’re veterans! Urban Copper Recycling are registered dealers of scrap metal. Our team brings to the table its collective experience and expertise guaranteeing our customers a hassle-free exchange process.

Cash for scrap metal

Did you know you can get cash for scrap?

We generally discard the old cans, the bundled cables and non-functional home appliances in the dump. Easy solution, but definitely not the best!

Most of it ends up at landfills worsening the problem of garbage disposal.

Not only this, there’s so much valuable and useful metal to be found across our homes. It could be the intricate copper wiring in your electrical socket or the brass hinges holding your door in place. We also offer a good value for car battery recycling.

Metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass have great recyclable value. Recycling does not affect their intrinsic properties. They can be used to produce secondary metals, or finished products. Recycling scrap material such as car batteries fixes the problem of waste disposal, and promises better resource management.

As a sustainable method, it also lets you do your bit towards preserving the environment.

What else is in it for you? Cash! You get cash for your scrap metal, in accordance with the weight and metal value.

Get the best prices

Urban Copper Recycling offers competitive pricing.

Scrap metal often comes with a lot of impurities such as insulation, plastic coatings, paint. They affect the quality of the metal.

Our experts at Urban Copper Recycling conduct a proper valuation of scrap metal giving you the best deal. In terms of metal-wise market price, we give you the best price-match guarantee.

Get rid of the clutter

By getting rid of scrap metals, we can help rid your space of unwanted materials that cause clutter or are an eyesore. We do offer cash for scrap copper.

We offer residential, industrial and commercial recycling. We enable you to create clean, safe and healthy living and work spaces.

Eco-friendly processes

Scrap recycling like car battery recycling involves a range of processes too. This includes stripping, sorting and grading. At the scrap yard, we do not use crude and polluting processes such as burning.

We are mindful of the impact these actions have on the environment and take care to avoid it. To add, the cleansing process ensures there is minimum wastage of metals and maximum output.

We accept all kinds of metals

Our name says copper, but we deal in other metals too.

As Sydney’s leading scrap metal collectors, we accept all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These include copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, lead and a lot more.

We buy scrap from households, old vehicles, manufacturing facilities, packing materials, electronics and demolition materials.

  • Cash for copper:

    Copper boasts of the highest value in the scrap metal recycling market because it is one of the best conductors of heat and electricity. There is no drop in the quality of copper after it is recycled.

    We pay you cash for copper scrap in varied forms such as bare wire, copper tubing, insulated wire, copper cables and communication wire, sheets and plates, radiators, motors and starters. You can also buy scrap copper from us.

  • Cash for aluminum:

    Lightweight, sturdy and durable, aluminum is the most abundantly used metal across households and industries. Not only this, recycling aluminum is not as time-consuming and energy-intensive as producing new aluminum.

    We offer convenient and high-value removal of aluminum waste including foil and cans, extruded aluminum, rims and plates, insulated wires, sheets and cans. aluminum casts are another great source.

  • Cash for brass:

    Brass is among the sturdiest alloys and finds its way into plumbing, electrical fixtures and hardware such as gears, hinges and locks. It is also used in specialised industries. It is a good conductor of heat known for its durability and non-corrosive nature.

    Brass is composed of copper, zinc, tin and lead in varying proportions. Hence, it is easier to recycle and produce anew. Brass is of the red and yellow variety. Red brass with its higher copper content commands a higher market price as compared to yellow brass.

    Our collection of brass recyclables includes clips, turnings plumbing fixtures, hardware, radiators and shells.

  • Cash for stainless steel:

    Get fair compensation for all the stainless-steel scraps you have accumulated in your junk yard. Stainless steel stands apart from other metals owing to its ductility and strength. It also does not rust or corrode.

    Despite having a low production cost, stainless steel is recycled and used. As an alloy, stainless steel is made up of iron, chromium, nickel and other elements. The cost of scrap stainless steel you will receive depends on the grade and the amount and price of its component elements.

Why work with us?

We give you plenty of reasons to work with us:

  • We are committed to providing the best prices in the scrap metal recycling, including copper recycling, and car battery recycling in the market.
  • We are equipped to handle projects of all sizes.
  • We are known for our professional and dependable services.
  • We are prompt in the way we handle our operations at the facility and yard.  
  • We are experts in handling all kinds of metals.
  • You receive your cash-on the spot, after valuation and weighing.
  • We are an environment-conscious facility.
  • We offer convenient collection services to make it a hassle-free service.

You can rely on us! We have a proven track record of serving countless customers in Sydney.

Try us by giving us a call on 0412 500 063 | 0487 642 002 or drop us an email at We will get back to you with our best quotes.

You can drop off the scrap metal at our facility or request for them to be picked up. Our pick-up fleet has vehicles of various sizes and is equipped to handle larger loads.

Start recycling now and make money!

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