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Cash For scrap Brass

Cash For Scrap Brass

Get Cash for Scrap Brass

There’s yet another metal that can earn you dollars at the scrap yard. We are talking about the non-ferrous, yellow-tinted alloy – brass.

When it comes to cash for scrap metals in Sydney, we have our eyes on copper. This is owing to its higher market price. The increasing use of brass as the primary build material or a small component on bigger machinery has raised its recyclable value; its price is less than copper but definitely higher than aluminum.

If you deal in scrap metals in Sydney, here is a quick-read guide on cash for scrap brass.

Properties of Brass

Brass finds wide applications due to the following desirable properties:

  • It is an alloy.  
  • As a non-ferrous metal, it is resistant to corrosion.
  • It is not magnetic and hence a choice in electrical equipment.
  • It is pliable and can be molded into desired shapes.
  • It also displays high-resistance to friction and abrasion.

Varieties of Brass

At the scrapyard, you will be told that the price varies according to the type of brass brought in. Isn’t brass just brass? The pale yellow one. Not really.

Brass is an alloy, with copper and zinc as its main constituents. Selected varieties might also contain lead and tin. Depending on the constituent metals, there are copper-zinc brasses, leaded brasses and tin brasses.

Colour and price are the major distinguishing factors here.

Brass with higher concentrations of copper, over 80% command the highest price in the market. It has a copperish tinge that looks a lot like bronze.

White brass is yet another variety. It has a whitish-silvery hue due to the higher proportion of zinc; it is over 45 percent. White brass is also not as sturdy as red brass, making it a less valuable variety of brass.

The basic or yellow-brass that we are all familiar with has a lower copper content than red brass, but more than that in white brass. Pricewise, you can expect to get more cash for scrap brass in the yellow variety.

Where to look for scrap brass?

You can salvage scrap brass from a variety of items across your home. It is used in hardware such as hinges, door knobs, handles and locks. Its resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for faucets and other plumbing fixtures.  

In construction, it is used to make screws, bolts, nuts and fasteners. It is used to make casings and as a component in electrical equipment. Old, broken and unused musical instruments could also be a good source of scrap brass. Brass, especially those whiter in appearance, are finds its way into decorative items. These include ornaments, candle stands and figurines. You can also find brass in your old and rusted cars.

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If you have collected a good amount of brass that you’d like to sell, contact us. Like most scrap metals, they must be cleaned of all paint and plastic coatings to be properly valued.

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