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Cash For Aluminum

Cash For Aluminum

Get top Cash for Aluminum at Our Scrap Metal Dealers 

Selling scrap metal for cash has for long been a profitable venture for many. Urban Copper Recycling is one of the leading dealers in scrap metal in Sydney.

As one of the metals with wide applications across commercial and residential set-ups, aluminum too gets a lot of attention. If you would like to earn cash for aluminum in Sydney, Australia, here’s what you should know.

What makes aluminum valuable?

Aluminum, like copper and brass is a non-ferrous metal. What does this mean? It does not contain iron. This makes it resistant to corrosion and more durable.  

It is lightweight and malleable – two properties that render it desirable in industries and at home. It can be moulded into various shapes and items.

You can also expect to earn more cash for scrap aluminum because of its ability to retain its physical structure throughout the recycling process. Recycling aluminum is also less energy consuming than fresh mining of the metal; it consumes only 5% of the energy needed for new manufactures.

Besides, recycling of aluminum helps conserve the environment. It prevents the depletion of scarce non-ferrous metals and offers a better waste disposal system for metals. Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly with zero loss of properties.

What is the aluminum scrap price?

Given the demand of scrap aluminum, the price of the metal is high; it is however based on the grade of the aluminum and its prior use.

You can expect price fluctuations on a day-to-day basis. A trusted and reliable aluminum scrap dealer near you will give you the most competitive rates.

Where to look for scrap aluminum?

Interested in making cash on scrap aluminum? Here are the best sources.

Cans are the most abundant and easy-to-find source of scrap aluminum. Gather the food, beer and pop cans around the house. Being lighter in weight, you will need a larger quantity.

Aluminum is also used to make utensils and cookware.

Wire scrap is the highest-grade scrap aluminum. It is distinguishable by its silvery colour. Electrical wiring uses aluminum as an alternative to copper. Wires can also be found in electrical motors, 

Dealers accept channels, tracks, sheets, plates and rims. Turnings and boring are categorized as scrap aluminum too. But they give a lower return due to the presence of other metals. You can also look for aluminum scrap at construction sites or among automotive, computer and aircraft parts. Finally, discarded doors, roof panels, sidings and frames can make it to the aluminum scrap yard earning some cash for you.

Get aluminum ready for the scrap yard

The aluminum scrap price depends on the purity of the metal brought in.

Paint reduces the cash you will get for scrap aluminum as it requires additional scraping and refining. Scrape off the paint as much as possible.

Steel could be mistaken for aluminum due to their appearances. Use a magnet to test. Steel will stick to the magnet not aluminum. Separate the attachments made of other lower value metals. These include screws or cases.

Urban Copper Recycling offer the best scrap metal buying facility in Sydney, Australia. Give us a call to know more about our aluminum recycling and cash for aluminum options.

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