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Cash For Copper Wires

Cash For Copper Wires

Cash for Copper Wires: Understanding the Recycling Process

You can get cash for copper wires.

Yes, you heard it right!

The old electrical wiring you replaced during the last home renovation can actually add a few extra dollars into your pocket.

Recycling of copper cables, if done right and in a good quantity, can actually be lucrative.

Here’s your guide to copper recycling in Sydney.

Copper – The highest earner at the scrap yard

Copper, the non-ferrous metal, is ubiquitous.

Speaking of electrical wiring, copper cable, car components, plumbing fixtures or kitchen utensils, you are sure to find this metal. This is because of its great character profile.

  • It does not contain iron and thus, does not rust or corrode.
  • It is a great conductor of heat and electricity.
  • Its malleability and ductility ensure it can be beaten into desired shapes.
  • It can be recycled repeatedly without a change in its structure.

Process of recycling Copper wires

Scrap copper wire goes through a lengthy process before it is sold at a scrap yard.

The first step is stripping the copper wire of its plastic insulation. It acts as a protective coating as copper is a highly conductive element. The insulation must be removed to grade the copper accurately.

Copper cable stripping can be done manually using a pair of scissors or an automatic stripper, but it is laborious and time-consuming. Scrap yards offering cash for copper wires do it professionally by means of machines. This is also the stage where all the additional fittings are removed.  

In some cases, copper wires are stripped of insulation by burning. However, the process is toxic to health and hence avoided.

The stripping of copper wires is followed by sorting and grading as per quality. The higher-grade copper is recast, while the ones with impurities are sent for further refining. There is a final quality check of the copper wires after which it is cut into bits and sent for melting.

Copper scrap dealers handle all the steps for you. The recycled copper is used to fashion other copper items; it is however not used to make copper wire.

What is the copper wire scrap rate?

Several factors impact the price of scrap copper.

The first and most important being the market rate of copper. Different scrap metal dealers and recycling centres might offer different rates. Finally, it is the quality or grade of the copper that determines the cash for copper wires.

Types of Copper Wire

Most copper scrap dealers accept the following types of copper wire.

There is bare bright copper wire. It is the purest and most valuable form of copper. It does not have contamination of any kind.

There are insulated copper wires and cabling available in different sizes. The percentage of copper recovery will depend on the gauge. Copper scrap dealers also process copper tubing and chops.

Want to get cash for copper wires in Sydney? Get in touch with us. We will give you the best quotes.  

Whether you want to take it up professionally or desire to sell scrap copper as a hobby, we can help you! Urban Copper Recycling is the first choice for copper cable and scrap copper wire recycling in Sydney. Contact 0412 500 063 or 0487 642 002 to get started.

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