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Brass Recycling Parramatta

Cash for Scrap Brass In Parramatta – The Value Of Brass Recycling


If you’re in Parramatta and looking to recycle brass, Urban Copper Recycling is the place to be. We make it super easy for you to get rid of your old brass items while helping the environment at the same time. Besides, we offer competitive prices for your recyclables, so you can even make a little extra cash while doing your part.

So why not head over to Urban Copper Recycling and inquire about our brass recycling services in Parramatta? We will give you the best price for these metals in the market!

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Things We Can Help You Recycle!

If you ever stop by Urban Copper Recycling near Parramatta for brass recycling, you’ll be happy to hear that we take a whole bunch of stuff for recycling. Think about all those brass goodies you have lying around – old doorknobs, keys, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, and even decorative pieces. We also happily take in scrap brass from various industries like construction and manufacturing. So whether it’s small household items or larger industrial materials, Urban Copper Recycling has got you covered for brass recycling.

Bring in your brass treasures and help save the environment while pocketing some extra cash in the process!

How We Collect & Recycle Your Brass – Our Process

Here at Urban Copper Recycling, we’re all about brass recycling and we take it seriously across Parramatta and nearby suburbs. Our team has a smooth process in place to make things super easy for you.

Metal Collection: First, we’ll collect the brass from your location in Parramatta or nearby suburbs. Whether it’s old pipes, fittings, or even decorative items, we’ve got you covered. Then comes the sorting stage. Our experts carefully separate the different types of brass to ensure maximum efficiency.

Preparation: Next up is cleaning and preparation. We remove any contaminants or impurities from the brass to guarantee a high-quality end product. Once that’s done, it’s time for melting and refining. The brass is melted down and refined to get rid of any remaining impurities.

Recycling: Finally, we transform this recycled brass into valuable raw materials that can be used in various industries like construction and manufacturing.

Throughout the entire process, our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Urban Copper Recycling staff will keep you updated every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.

Sustainability Ensured – Environmentally Responsible

Here at Urban Copper Recycling, sustainability is our top priority. We’re all about doing our part to protect the environment, especially when it comes to recycling brass in Parramatta and nearby suburbs. We believe in taking care of our environment and reducing waste.

  • To ensure sustainability, we have implemented various practices.
  • We prioritise the use of efficient recycling methods that minimise energy consumption and emissions.
  • Additionally, we actively educate and train our staff on sustainable practices to ensure they are well-equipped to handle brass recycling responsibly.

Remember, for accurate valuation for brass recycling, it’s essential to clean the brass of any paint or plastic coatings. Check our various service areas like Penrith, Smithfield, and Liverpool. Contact Urban Copper Recycling today at 0412 500 063 |0487 642 002 or email us at

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